About Juxin granite factory

Juxin Granite Factory is a sub-factory of Zhanglong Granite & Marble Ind. Co., Ltd. Zhanglong Granite & Marble Ind. Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of good quality granite and marble in Xiamen, Fujian, founded in 1992.

Our products are currently exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and Turkey. We continue to strive for excellence in products and customer service to ensure success of us and our customers.

We have our own G648 quarry, G603 quarry, G623 quarry, G635 quarry, etc. and factories specialized in products as follows:
1) Granite tiles and slabs, for floors, walls, stairs, window sills, etc.
2) Counter tops, vanity tops, various worktops, BBQ tops, bar tops, etc.
3) Granite pavers, external pavements, blind stones, crazy patterns, pavement sets, etc.

Factory Size: about 20,000 square meters. Three factories specialize in
1) Semi-finish slabs for crafting into various products
2) Tiles
3) Customized countertops, vanities and sinks

There are granite in our stock as following , for sales promotion, please feel free to contact us for more information,

Granite slab thickness(cm) slab surface finish total quantity
promotion price
sahara pink 1.5 flamed 374 6.80
1.8 polished 1393 7.90
1.8 no processing 1608 7.20
2.5 flamed 269 7.90
2.5 polished 742 8.90
2.5 bushhammered 509 8.90
2.5 no processing 1862 8.00
desert sunset 2.5 bushhammered 1158 11.00
2.5 no processing 429 10.50
G682 4 flamed 16 12.00
silver grey 1.8 polished 116 7.90
2.5 no processing 234 7.20
autumn red 1.8 polished 159 10.50
2.5 flamed 533 11.50
2.5 polished 167 12.50
2.5 no processing 249 11.00
tiger skin red 1.8 flamed 168 12.00
1.8 flamed, cut to size 758 14.00
1.8 polished 52 13.00
1.8 polished,cut to size 200 15.00
sahala brown 2.5 polished 39 15.00
silver rose 603 1.8 polished 38 9.50
new G603 2.5 no processing 49 12.00


There are also large quantity marble slabs in our stock for sales promotion, please contact Zhanglong stone stocking and promotion for more details.

Why Cooperate with Us
As we all know, granite and marble are very popular in various construction projects, and many of them are imported from China. As a contractor, if you import products from our company, you can have benefits as follows,
1) Cost
We can offer you factory prices. We are a manufacturer and quarry owner for some granite and marble, and we also have cooperated quarries. This will save cost which may be paid to trade companies, sub-contractors and agents.

2) Quality and Supply Warranty
We are a subsidiary company of a group company. We have a professional QC system and a professional manufacture team.

Welcome to inspect products in our factory before shipment. We also can give you clear product pictures and videos if necessary.

3) Delivery
We have shipping offices in LA. They can arrange custom clearance in the USA, tax payment, railway transfer and land delivery. For clients in some courtiers, we also can arrange door-to-door delivery service


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